Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck received her PhD in June 1998 and is Professor in Psychology at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia (Gold Coast). She is Director of the Psychological Health Research Unit within the Griffith Health Institute, Behavioural Basis of Health and directs The Family Interaction Program, which is a centre for developing and evaluating innovative interventions for young children and their families funded by the Queensland government.

In addition to this work, her other research interests include child and adolescent social relationships and social cognition; depression and anxiety; stress and the development of coping, emotion and regulation; self-determination theory; and education and vocational development.

She has published more than 140 articles, books, edited volumes and book chapters, is the Associate Editor of the Journal of Adolescence and the International Journal of Behavioral Development, a member of the Society for Research on Adolescent Executive Committee, and serves on editorial boards of other international journals.

She teaches courses in developmental psychology, social psychology and statistics, and supervises many PhD and other postgraduate students in their research into child or adolescent development and child/adolescent clinical psychology.